Date 12.10.2023

We are a new member of BVMW

There is exciting news: Effective immediately, we are a member of the Bundesverband mittelständischer Wirtschaft, Unternehmerverband Deutschlands e.V. (BVMW). This partnership promises not only an exciting collaboration, but also a boost for our company and our customers.

Our many years of experience and expertise in the construction industry enable us to successfully implement complex construction projects and meet customer requirements. Quality, efficiency and innovation are our top priorities.
From now on, the Mittelstand will support us in this. The Bundesverband mittelständischer Wirtschaft, Unternehmerverband Deutschlands e.V. (BVMW) is one of the most influential interest groups for medium-sized companies in Germany. With more than 650,000 members, BVMW is a strong voice for small and medium-sized businesses and advocates for their interests at the political level. The association offers its members a wide range of benefits and services, including political lobbying, networking opportunities, management consulting and continuing education programs.
The decision to become a member of BVMW was an easy one for us; the new collaboration brings a wealth of benefits that will have a positive impact on our company and our customers.Our network is strengthened: BVMW membership gives us access to a far-reaching network of companies, experts and decision-makers. This opens up new opportunities for partnerships and cooperation from which we and our customers can benefit.
We can actively advocate for our interests: BVMW actively advocates for the interests of small and medium-sized businesses, including at the political level. As a member, we have the opportunity to raise our voice and help shape developments that affect our business environment.
We can take advantage of various training and consulting opportunities: BVMW offers a wide range of training and continuing education opportunities as well as business consulting services. These resources can help us continuously improve our business operations and stay on the cutting edge of the industry.
We have access to a continuous exchange of information: we can learn from the experiences of other members and benefit from best practices. BVMW offers regular events and seminars that help us expand our knowledge and learn new things.
So membership of the BVMW opens up many new opportunities for us. We have access to a wide range of resources and events that enable us to further improve our services and keep our customers up to date. At the same time, we are also strengthening the BVMW network and helping to represent the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.
We are looking forward to working with BVMW and are excited about the opportunities we have and to further strengthen our position in construction project management.