Date 05.02.2024

Year-end celebrations together: Our review of the BBF Christmas party 2023

Let’s look back together at the BBF Christmas party 2023! An evening full of joy, music and cheerful togetherness that not only brought the year to a fitting close, but also provided some unforgettable moments.

The festive event began in the late afternoon, just a short distance from our office in Berlin-Adlershof. All colleagues from various locations gathered in a cozy restaurant to look back on the past year together. The party started slowly, with the first drinks being passed over the bar, and the location filled up quickly.
After everyone had found their seats and enjoyed refreshing drinks, Mr. Comesaña Sr. stepped forward to give a short but moving speech reflecting on the past year and acknowledging our achievements together. The festive atmosphere was further enhanced by activities organized by the marketing team. In particular, the photo box with a variety of costume options helped those present to quickly get to know each other better. After the delicious Christmas buffet, which offered a wide selection of hot and cold dishes, everyone began to relax and the dance floor was opened. This quickly became the hotspot of the evening as people danced to a mix of music genres from the 80s to the latest charts. Colleagues of all ages and locations danced together and enjoyed the

festive and relaxed atmosphere.A special highlight, as already briefly mentioned, was the photo box, which provided plenty of laughs and unforgettable memories. The dress-up options allowed everyone to slip into different roles and capture this in any number of souvenir photos.For those who stuck it out to the end, there was a karaoke contest as a reward. The later the evening went on, the better the atmosphere became.We can say with conviction that the BBF Christmas party 2023 was a fitting end to the year. The positive energy and happy faces reflect that we had an unforgettable time together. We are already looking forward to many more shared moments in the coming year 2024!