As a medium-sized and family-run company, we handle the entire value chain in the real estate sector in Berlin and Brandenburg.

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The BBF group

Over the years we have grown to become one of the most important project developers for urban development projects as well as for residential, commercial and municipal real estate in the Berlin / Brandenburg region.

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Company history

The history of the BBF Group is far-reaching. The company was founded as early as 2008 and has always been involved in the development of urban land and building construction projects. Over the years we were able to develop into one of the most important project developers in Berlin and Brandenburg due to various company mergers and successful project completions. With Mr. Jesús Comesaña M. as shareholder, the BBF Group is based on more than 29 years of experience.

Get a detailed impression of our expertise and follow our milestones.


Foundation of Berlin-Brandenburger Flächenentwicklungs GmbH


J. Comesaña M. as sole shareholder

Mr. Jesús Comesaña Macias as sole shareholder


Takeover and foundation

Takeover of Landschafts-, Tief- und Straßenbau Halbe GmbH and foundation BBF Tiefbau GmbH, foundation of Spreeinsel Immobilien GmbH



BBF Projekt GmbH, completion of residential development area Funkerberg 4.2 ha



Merger of Spreeinsel Immobilien GmbH into BBF Projekt GmbH, completion of residential development area Bad Saarow 9 ha


Merger construction companies

merger Dahmeland Bau GmbH on 28.01.2021, merger Aedes Gebäudetechnik GmbH on 07.07.2021, completion commercial area Oberkrämer 55 ha


R. Comesaña M. becomes authorized signatory

Entry of Raúl Comesaña Macias as authorized signatory, merger EAB Gebäudetechnik Luckau GmbH on 31.07.2022


Further mergers

merger Gebrüder Pfeil Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH on 01.10. 2022, renaming of Dahmeland Bau GmbH to BBF Hochbau GmbH, foundation of BBF Ingenieur GmbH, completion of residential development area Borkwalde 1.-4. BA 11.9 ha, completion of 2 MFH Bad Saarow as BBF Group, May 2022 start of construction Grünheide 3 townhouses and 1 residential/commercial building


Start of construction Schäferstege

January 2023 Start of construction Schäferstege with 20 units for residential+ commercial



Together you achieve more! This principle is firmly rooted in the philosophy of the BBF Group. Our BBF partners and we provide a wide range of services in the construction and real estate industry. From the first thought of a structural change of an area to the ceremonial completion of the construction project, we are happy to be your reliable partner at any time.

Based on responsible corporate management, we implement projects taking into account the necessary technical, social, ecological as well as energetic requirements. This includes the conscious reforestation of forests as well as the construction of day-care centers, schools, medical centers and retirement homes.

Our competences go far beyond those of a classic project developer. We prefer the realization of a building project completely from our own hand. Depending on the type of project, we draw on the service pool of the BBF GROUP.

We believe that tomorrow’s craftsmanship must be practiced in an interdisciplinary manner more than ever before. Consequently, a closer interlocking between non-trade, trade and manufacturing companies will become more important in the future. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for companies and personalities who share our views.

Let us have constructive and far-reaching discussions together. We are looking forward to it!