Date 16.05.2023

Voices Conference 2023

At the beginning of May, Staffbase’s Voices conference took again place in Berlin. The event has been very successful so far and caught our interest right away. “VOICES is the largest conference for internal communicators in the German-speaking world with first-class content in a relaxed and informal atmosphere”. That sounded great and we knew we had to go there!

So we did some research and quickly found out that there was a contest to win free tickets. In no time, the marketing team came up with a cool idea and filmed the entry video.
Behold, we were invited and ended up in the finals!

But more on that later…

First of all, our HR manager Jana and Xenia from Marketing made their way to Berlin Treptow to listen to the exciting presentations. On four different stages the speakers talked about different topics and aspects of (internal) communication. Among others, Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen spoke about sustainability and Tijen Onaran about diversity. Notes were diligently taken and the entire railing was explored. Thanks to the headphones that could be switched live to the various stages, it was possible not to miss any of the lectures, even if one wanted to get some fresh air or needed a new drink. In the breaks between the lectures, there was a wide variety of food and interesting conversations with colleagues.

After a small marathon of inspiring presentations, Jana said goodbye and headed back to the office. But since the highlight of the evening was still waiting for us, Xenia stayed on site and held the position for the BBF group.

The evening program was opened with an impressive dance performance accompanied by a live band. Before it got exciting for us at the award ceremony, three other winners were chosen. And then the time came: Our video was the first and was shown in front of more than 900 people. Four more videos followed before the audience voted via app on who was the best, most creative, most productive, coolest or even funniest team.
After a short break, which was bridged with a mini dance lesson for all, the result was clear: The Best Comms Team Award goes to… the BBF.

A bit surprised but full of joy Xenia stepped on stage to receive the award from Motsi Mabuse, the laudator.
Afterwards many congratulations and interesting conversations followed. So we let the first evening of Voices end in a relaxed way and said goodbye before the big party.
The next day we continued early, there was a great selection of inspiring talks and the festival feeling included again. We had two amazing days at VOICES 2023, from which we took away many impressions, ideas and new contacts.