Gardening and landscaping: Services

As landscape gardeners we are able to create living spaces for decades. Therefore our experts are a sought-after partner for all aspects of building with green spaces and at the same time a competent service provider for the realization of green spaces and gardens up to the professional maintenance of the green spaces.  In addition to plant knowledge, we also have a profound knowledge of materials. We carry out our work with the most diverse materials. In this way, we actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and are system-relevant players in the adaptation to climate change.

Private green spaces

In the case of a new planting in the private area, we are happy to support you from the beginning with the planning of the entire property area to the professional execution. We will gladly take care of the subsequent garden maintenance for you!

Public green spaces

Green outdoor areas in the public should convey a positive impression as image bearers. Mostly they serve as places of communication, recreation, as well as entertainment and are titled as “green lungs”. In addition to increasing the value of the surrounding area, they also fulfill ecological functions: Rainwater is retained, the sewage system is relieved and the microclimate is improved. We have already been able to upgrade several public squares in this way.

We offer the following services:

Horticulture / Landscaping

  • earthworks
  • paving works
  • Concrete and natural stone work
  • Lawn
  • Trees, shrubs, perennials
  • felling, pruning
  • planting works
  • Green area maintenance
  • gabion construction
  • fence construction
  • ponds
  • rainwater management
  • Roof greening

Civil engineering / demolition

  • Excavation, grading
  • demolition work
  • Excavation and transport
  • Concrete work / foundations
  • Drainage and drainage
  • basement renovation
  • Drainage and insulatio
  • Renting: construction machine with operator

We will be glad to complete your project with our ideas!