Heating ventilation sanitary: References

November 2022

The renovation and new construction work on and in the water tower on the former central cattle and slaughterhouse on Landsberger Allee in Berlin is nearing completion. This means that another construction project can be successfully handed over.

January 2022

The renovation and new construction work on and in the water tower at the former central livestock and slaughterhouse on Landsberger Allee in Berlin is now really taking off. By this summer, our company will be familiar with the work on the heating and plumbing systems. We are looking forward to this exciting project.

February 2021

In addition to the school extension in Corinthstraße in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, which was officially opened back in 2017, a new connecting building is currently under construction. From late summer 2021, the extension will then connect the south wing of the Lasker School with the recently opened modular supplementary building. Our company will realize the heating and ventilation installation for this project by late summer.

August 2020

Together with TRNSFRM eG we will realize the ALLTAG project at Rollbergstraße 26 in Berlin. You can get more information about the construction project at www.trnsfrm.org.

January 2019

The work attic conversion Grünberger Straße/Kadiner Straße was started at the beginning of the year. Our company has been commissioned with the installation of the heating, ventilation and plumbing systems as well as the assembly and commissioning of the air conditioning technology.

November 2018

Our company successfully completed work on the storm drainage system at the German Embassy in Ghana (Accra).

July 2018

In July 2018, we successfully completed work in three apartment buildings with a total of 15 KWL units of the type Systemair SAVE VSR 150/B. In a construction period of just under three months, the systems, including the individual air distribution networks, were completely handed over to the client.

February 2018

In Danziger Str. 138, we have been commissioned with the attic conversion and have already been carrying out extensive work in this property since January 2018. Our company is responsible for the services heating, plumbing and ventilation. In addition, a complex extension is currently being built, which will be realized at the same time. Together with the attic, 9 residential units with a total of approximately 700m² of living space can thus be created.

October 2017

By the beginning of next year, our company will be involved in two more projects. At Kottbusser Damm, all sanitary lines will be renewed, whereas in Sonnenallee a heating system renewal is pending.

September 2017

Special promotion ended for single and multi-split air conditioning units. We can offer single and multi-split air conditioners at a fixed price including delivery and installation. For more information about the units, please visit https://www.systemair.com/de/Deutschland/.

February 2017

From mid-February, our company will be involved in the extensive renovation of the apartment building at Palisadenstraße 65, Koppenstraße 41A and 41. In addition to the selective renewal of the heating system and heating surfaces, the focus is primarily on the new hot water transfer system to be installed, which will ensure the hot water supply to all residential units after installation of new supply lines. In addition, individual residential units will be renovated from scratch.

August 2016

By the end of the year, a total of 13 terraced houses will be equipped by our company in the heating and plumbing sector at Falkenberg in 12524 Berlin. We are actively supporting NOVA on a total of about 1650 m2 and look forward to the future with pleasure. Further information:


May 2016

In Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 28 in 10553 Berlin, a total of 24 high-quality lofts will be built by the end of the year. Our company was commissioned with the work for the building services (heating, ventilation and sanitary engineering). Further information about the property can be found at: www.kaa28.de

February 2016

After a four-month construction period, the new training center of Berliner Volksbank at Wittestraße 30 in 13509 Berlin was successfully handed over to the client. On a total of 800m², we had been commissioned with the ventilation and plumbing work. We would like to thank on behalf of the entire staff of the Berliner Volksbank for the confidence placed in us.

January 2016

This month we started as planned with the work on the single-family houses 7 and 8 in Erkner. Work on this construction site should be completed by the middle of the year at the latest.

November 2015

In the Berlin district of Reinickendorf, we have been commissioned with the ventilation installation of a training and further education center of the Berliner Volksbank.

August 2015

Directly at Alexanderplatz, not far from the city hall, we are realizing the expansion of five retail stores and the conversion of the entrance hall for WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH.

June 2015

After successfully completing single-family homes one and two last year and this year, construction work on homes three and four is starting on schedule. A total of eight single-family homes are scheduled for completion in Erkner by the end of the year.

May 2015

Work at Canisius College Berlin was successfully completed in May 2015. As a result, all bathrooms in the side wing were handed over on schedule.

June 2014

In the Italian restaurant Bragato in Berlin-Charlottenburg, not only can excellent food be enjoyed, likewise the direct sale of good Italian wines is now no longer an insider tip. However, before this could happen, many days of work had to pass. Our company accompanied the new construction measures in the heating, ventilation and sanitary area.

May 2014

The old and new construction project Johns Genossen in Berlin’s Prenzlauer-Berg district is nearing completion. First, the old building, which now houses the new offices of SelbstBau e.G., among others, was renovated. Subsequently, the two new building projects to the left and right of the old building were realized. In addition to the heating, sanitary and ventilation work, we were also commissioned with the installation of the central heating system in the old building for all three residential and commercial buildings.

September 2013

Today, a total of five bathrooms in the German Embassy in London were successfully completed on time. With a one-month construction period, our company has impressively proven that we are also internationally present and reliable to the satisfaction of our customers.

September 2013

Today the MioMatto restaurant was opened in Berlin’s trendy district Friedrichshain. Our company worked hard until the opening date to complete the installation of the ventilation and kitchen technology. We succeeded in doing so. We wish MioMatto all the best and many satisfied guests.

 April 2013

The Soldiner Str. construction project in Berlin’s Wedding district was successfully completed at the end of April 2013. Our company was commissioned with the construction of the new boiler house, the installation of supply and disposal lines as well as the professional installation of radiators of all 34 rental units.

 March 2013

The starting signal has been given. An apartment building designed for seven families will soon be erected not far from the Spree River in the Köpenick district of Berlin. Within the scope of the technical building equipment, our company was commissioned with the heating, ventilation and sanitary work. In addition to a 31 kW air-water heat pump from Alpha-InnoTec, a ventilation system with counterflow heat exchanger from Systemair and a 45 kW gas condensing boiler from Buderus will be installed. The heat dissipation in the house is realized via a surface heating system. Hygienic and energy-saving hot water is provided by a Varmeco fresh water station.

February 2013

The conversion of the attic in Gleimstraße in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg was successfully completed in February 2013. A total of 7 residential units were created on just under 750 m² of living space. Finally, we would like to thank all those involved in the project realization and wish all the best for the future.

November 2012

In October 2012, the energetic refurbishment of a 20 unit apartment building was successfully completed. An 88 kW district heating station for indirect connection to the FW network was delivered and connected to the house supply. All residential units were equipped with new radiators (replacement panel radiators and Zehnder Charleston). Finally, the hydraulic balancing was carried out for the exact provision of the heat quantities of the individual living rooms. We would like to thank again all the people involved in the renovation project.